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Pianist-Composer Roger Rossi:

From Being Thrown  Out of Kindergarten to Composing “Ave Maria”
Brooklyn Native Fred Serrano:
Serrano Delivered the Brooklyn Eagle in the 1940s and Climbed Mount Fuji                  While Stationed in Japan
Note: Both Interviews were originally published in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Roger RossiFred Serrano

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Brooklyn Footprints in Florida

Did you know…
that the Brooklyn Dodgers (known in the late 1800s as the Brooklyn “Superbas”) would take a steamship to Jacksonville, Florida, for spring training.

Did you know…
that Charles Ebbets (Ebbets Field), then a part owner of the Dodgers, in the 1920s required as a condition for the team to train in Clearwater, Florida. The condition was that the City of Clearwater build grandstands so the fans could come and see the players train and play exhibition games. The grandstands were built by the City of Clearwater and a parade was staged by the city to commemorate the first game at the new ball park between the Dodgers and the Boston Braves. The Dodgers won.

Did you know…
that Brooklyn native Madeleine (Talmadge Force) Astor had a winter home in Palm Beach, Florida, which is where she died in 1940 at age 46. Her great grandfather was the Mayor of Brooklyn.  When John Jacob Astor IV became interested in her the high society gossip in Manhattan was that Astor had become “interested in a Brooklyn girl.”
They were on the fatal Titanic voyage. She was pregnant and wanted the child to be born in America. She, and their future son survived on the last rescue Lifeboat (#4) for the First Class passengers. Reports are that Astor helped his wife and her maid into the Lifeboat and asked the Officer if he could join them because of his wife’s delicate condition. His request was declined because only women and children were to leave first. As Lifeboat #4 was lowered into the water one survivor reported that they saw Astor standing on the deck smoking a cigarette. Thirty minutes later the Titanic disappeared into the North Atlantic ocean.

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The Roebling Footprints in Florida:
The Genius & Generosity of Donald Roebling
(with a little eccentricity)

By Palmer Hasty

Part 1

Donald Roebling
Donald Roebling

Donald Roebling’s great grandfather, John A. Roebling, is well known around the world, especially in Brooklyn, because of course, he designed the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Although the history of the Roebling family is familiar territory in Brooklyn, for those who are not as familiar with the Roeblings, we will quickly recount some highlights leading up to John A. Roebling II and his son Donald Roebling’s important footprints in Florida.
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New Gallery: Brooklyn Brownstones in Orlando

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Brooklynites In Florida


Peter Della Roca; Owner of Parmesan Pete's and Peter's Cuisine in Naples, Florida.
Peter Della Rocca; Owner of Parmesan Pete’s and Peter’s Cuisine in Naples, Florida.  The Peter Della Rocca Interview was 5th in Most Viewed articles for  a 7-day period.

Peter Della Rocca: Italian Chef in Naples, Florida, who carries on a family tradition of Italian cooking from Brooklyn since the 1890s.



Alan B. Miller: CEO of Universal Health Services.

All Roads Lead to Brooklyn
Alan B. Miller
: From delivering telegrams on a bicycle at 20 cents apiece in Crown Heights to building a Fortune 500 Health Care Company.


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Inside JIM MALONE INTERVIEWJim Malone is a Brooklyn artist and designer living in Green Pointe, Brooklyn.  Mr. Malone builds beautiful furniture from slabs of Heart Pine he purchases from defunct bowling lanes.



GREG KEHOEGreg Kehoe is a Brooklyn native living in Tampa, Florida.  Mr. Kehoe is a world renown prosecutor and was hand picked by the President George W. Bush  to prosecute Saddam Hussein.




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