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Recent Feature Interviews with Chef Peter Della Rocca
and Fortune 500 CEO  Alan B. Miller

This Brooklyn Eagle blog site began by featuring just Brooklyn natives living and working in Florida, and we have expanded to include Brooklyn natives living everywhere around the world. The site features blog entries and interviews with primarily Brooklyn natives, as well as people with distinct connections to Brooklyn. To read the individual Blogs please click on the Blog page. To read the Feature Interviews with successful Brooklyn natives in Florida and Around the World, please click on Sunshine Connections or All Roads Lead Back to Brooklyn.

Recent News Items

 Inside JIM MALONE INTERVIEWJim Malone is a Brooklyn artist and designer living in Green Pointe, Brooklyn.  Mr. Malone builds beautiful furniture from slabs of Heart Pine he purchases from defunct bowling lanes.



GREG KEHOEGreg Kehoe is a Brooklyn native living in Tampa, Florida.  Mr. Kehoe is a world renown prosecutor and was hand picked by the President George W. Bush  to prosecute Saddam Hussein.

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